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2nd Grade Block






Tuesday & Thursday

12:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Art Room


$78 /week for 32 weeks and a one-time $50 material fee

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Caitlyn Zappia

As a class, we will cover the foundational skills needed for success in reading, comprehension,

spelling/phonics, writing, and arithmetic. Our engaging lessons will reinforce, build upon prior knowledge

through games, worksheets, individualized reading books, themed units, homework, and hands-on


We will have clear, monthly goals for the students, making it easier for the parents to work with their child 3 days a week. Sight words and spelling words will be divided equally across the 32 weeks, with check ups along the way. Parents will be able to monitor their child's success throughout the year. We want each child to have the freedom to learn in their own way while making sure that milestones are met. This way, we can identify gaps or learning glitches immediately and make adjustments to help the student.

Our 2nd grade is custom built by our dedicated and experienced teachers. The Scope and Sequence

will be explained to the parents before beginning classes. Parents will need to attend a mandatory class

orientation before the first week of class. As parents and teachers work together as a team, your child

will be encouraged and challenged but not overwhelmed.

Each student will have a take-home binder that will facilitate learning between the Center and your

school at home. We will provide clear goals, structured activities, frequent assessments, and consistent

communication. Children will have math & literacy homework of roughly 90 minutes per week (30

minutes for each day not in class) sent home weekly.

Students will need to bring a backpack, water bottle, and snack to class each day. They will need to

dress comfortably for outside playtime.

You may schedule a time with the teacher to discuss/assess your child’s readiness.



ISBN: 1565770196

Approx. $175 (not on sale)

Language Arts from Christian Light Student book and Teacher Edition.

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