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Beginning Sewing "A"







2:45 PM - 4:15 PM

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$19.50 per week for 32 weeks, and a one-time $60

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Leslie Hock

This is a 16 week class only.

In Intro to Sewing, we will have lots of fun learning all about the basics of sewing.  

The students will learn about:

- How to sew using a sewing machine, needle, and thread. 

- How to choose and use a variety of fabrics for different projects

- Color Theory when choosing fabrics for a project. 

- Step-by-step project process to make multiple small projects, such as pillows, a small tote bag, and many other fun items.  

- How to hem clothes  

- Students will be allowed to plan, create, and make a final project of their choice.  

For this class, you don't need any sewing experience.  

Needed Supplies:

Sewing Kits:

It needs to include Thread, Needles, Scissors

Pins, sewing Measurement tape, fabric marking pencil, and thread puller.

Link to an Example:

Sewing Needle Thread Kit Adults: Newly Upgraded 249 Pcs Professional Hand Sewing Supplies Kits - Large Sewing Kit for Adults Basic Starter Beginners Travel Emergency Sew Repair Set (

Binders for worksheets and instructions

Pencils for notes


Fabric Scissors (Fiskar is an excellent brand)

Sewing Machine: I recommend Brothers, and you can usually get them for $100-$150 online. But any others work fine. It must be standard size.   

Optional, but highly recommended: Traveling case for the Sewing machine.

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