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Senior Session







11:45 AM - 1:00 PM



$500 total cost

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Heather Stauffer

If you want to participate in the Center’s graduation ceremony you must enroll in this class.

Senior Session is the name of the class that is just for graduating Seniors of the Center! It is a required class if you plan to participate in the Center’s Graduation Ceremony. All graduating seniors are also required to be actively enrolled in one year-long class at the Center if you are a returning student.

 If you are new to the Center and wish to graduate with the Center, you must be actively enrolled in 2 year-long classes at the Center.

Seniors will meet every other week during the school year. Schedule TBA

You may register for the class but will need to meet with the Center and complete a class registration and Graduation Covenant form before the first class of the new school year.

Mrs. Stauffer, Senior Session teacher, or the front desk will contact you after you register for the class. Should any student decide to withdraw from Sr. Session class before September 15th, 2022, payments towards tuition will be refunded. ($50 admin. fee is not refunded)

*Anyone asking for special permission to do something other than what is outlined here, needs to put your request in writing to the teacher and the Center Director.

Class fee covers:

·    class

·    facility usage for the ceremony (usually a large church)

·    facility decorations

·    caps

·    gown rental and dry cleaning

·    diploma and cover

·    Sr. class shirts

·    Sr. class project

·    Sr. class group photo session

·    ceremony photographs will be sent to you

·    table and tablecloth for displaying senior memorabilia

·    refreshments for Seniors and all guests at the reception.

Senior parents are not required to volunteer.

The Center does not pay for senior rings, individual portraits, graduation invitations, or decor for student’s table.

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