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World History "B"







12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Far Side 1


$19.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $80 material fee

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Amy Moore

A unique look at World History from 1789-2010. We’ll work our way from the French Revolution to (almost) today using music, primary sources, photography, and art of the era. This approach helps history come alive in a way that a typical textbook struggles.

We work on making connections between events and the how the journey through history helped lead us to the current day.

This class will average 2.5 hours of homework a week, with a mix of graphic novels, selected readings, and videos to complete at home. Class time will maximize group learning and projects. Supply costs include a student sketchbook, shared class art supplies, and graphic novels to be used in the class.

Students will be assigned a year end project which is figured into the homework average.


· Students must have computer access, able to research and write on historical subjects.

· Students must have Microsoft Word/ MS Word or some common word-processing program mainly for creating documents, such as handouts and students' homework assignments

· Students must have the ability to email papers to the teacher.

· Students must come to class on time, be seated, and be prepared to begin class

· Students must turn in assigned homework.

· While this is not a traditional history class, this is not a remedial class. Students will be expected to turn in high school-level work.

· Students must actively participate in class discussions and presentations.

Required text & supplies:

· Loose-leaf paper- brought to class

· 2” - 3" ring binder - to collect readings and primary sources

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