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Physics with Labs








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$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $90 supply fee

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Jocelyn Skelly

This college-preparatory physics course will give your student a biblically based introduction to the basics, such as Newton’s Laws of Motion and Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation; work, energy, and power; waves, sound, and light; electric fields, circuits, resistance, and current; and magnetism and magnetic fields. This class will have weekly labs and projects that will build on the information they learn from the textbook.

Students will have roughly 4-5 hours of homework a week including reading the text, answering textbook questions, completing at home tests, watching supplemental videos, and finishing lab write-ups and projects. There will also be short weekly quizzes for information the students need to memorize as the tests will be at home and open textbook. Parents MUST stay up to date with Google Classroom to make sure students are keeping up with the assignments.

Physics is a math-based course that relies on students’ familiarity with algebra and basic trigonometric functions. Students should have successfully completed Algebra 1 and have taken or be concurrently enrolled in Algebra 2.


Discovering Design with Physics textbook by Jay Wile

Scientific Calculator

spiral notebook for taking notes

3-ring binder for keeping papers and handouts organized


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