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$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $40 supply fee

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Kathy Abelanet

Are you interested in theatre but not quite ready for the pressures of memorizing a part?

Then, our new Reader's Theatre class might be for you! What is our NEW Reader's Theatre? It's a way to become involved in improving your ability to comprehend stories by reading aloud. In reader's theatre, we "perform" by reading scripts created from books or novels. Usually, we do so without costumes or props.

Reader's theatre is a strategy that combines reading practice and performing. Its goal is to enhance students' reading skills and confidence by having them practice reading with a purpose. Reader's theatre gives students a real reason to read aloud. Reader's theatre allows children the luxury of lingering over a story, acting it out many times so they come to understand all of its nuances.

Too often, we read a story and only understand it at its most superficial literal level. With reader's theatre, we are not just reading a story; we're "living it."

We will work on poetry and scripts from The Bronze Bow, Words by Heart, and The Light in the Forest.

We will read each book at home and then concentrate on the script in class.

If time permits, we may progress to Twelve Angry Men and A Mock Jury Trial.

The class will conclude with a Reader's Theatre performance for parents and friends, held during the regularly scheduled class time.

Material Fees: $50

Students do not have to purchase books.

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