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World Travelers "B"








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$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $40 supply fee

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Caitlyn Zappia

For ages 8-11.

World Travelers is a great interactive way to learn about the world God gave us.  The class will begin the unit by creating passports to fill with stamps each time we visit a new location. We will then learn about specific countries and their continents; climates/biomes, landmarks, historical facts, languages spoken, foods/meals, famous people, and so much more!  At Christmastime we will discover various ways countries celebrate the holiday with a “Christmas Around the World” unit.  Wrapping up our school year in May we will have presentations about what countries their ancestors are from - students will be asked to bring a project created at home as a representation, for instance a food item, picture collage or heritage item.

Each class meeting will be entertaining and filled with crafts, games, cooking projects, activities and writing/critical thinking opportunities.

Mrs. Zappia has loved geography, learning about the diverse world around her and traveling since she was a child herself.  She is looking forward to this fun adventure the class will take together!

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