Kids Playing Treasure Hunt

This class is designed to provide your students with a safe place to experience fun with their peers.  And learn some necessary home life skills and what the bible says about them. We want your student to come to this class to learn some new fun things and to socialize! During this 32 week course, we will learn and play new games and traditional games, listen to speakers, see God’s love in experiential bible activities, discuss current events, work on our critical thinking skills, paint, create a service project, and much more. 


Topics included:

- Hospitality

- How to read a recipe and necessary cooking skills.

- How to measure ingredients (including doubling or halving a recipe!) *** math! 

- Use of some basic kitchen techniques (cutting, peeling, etc)

- Money Management *** more math! 

- The art of writing thank-you notes

- How to sew on a lost button 

- Basic First Aid

- How to tie a tie.

- How to greet and carry on a conversation with someone 

Grades: 5-8

Days: Friday

Time: 1:30-2:30

Teacher: Mrs. Shannon Jackson

Classroom: Far Side 2

Cost: $12/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $50 material fee