Math Formulas and a Calculator

Algebra 2 is a 1.5-hour weekly class covering algebraic and geometric concepts, linear functions and inequalities, quadratic equations, graphing, some trigonometry, logarithms, logic, and polynomials.  Students will learn to use a graphing calculator. **Casio 9759GII.  The success of the student heavily depends on the parent's active participation. 


Students and parents will have access to their grade average and assignment descriptions at all times through our online student/teacher/parent communication system using Google Classrooms.  If there is a need to utilize Online classes at any time during the year, all homework will be scanned and turned in through the Google classroom.   


Homework: For most students,  2-4 hours per week with assignments consisting of about 40-50 problems, graphing calculator assignments, and some take-home tests. That means most students, will need to devote an hour per school day to studying Algebra 2.  Parents are responsible for overseeing homework completion, grading & corrections, as well as administering take-home tests.   


All the class expectations will be set out from the first day. 


Required:  Casio 9750 G II graphing calculator


Required Text:  

AGS Algebra 2 Student text and Parent Teacher's Manual


Student Text ISBN:  0-7854-3543-3

Teacher’s manual ISBN:  0-7854-3544-1


The Center will rent these 2 books as a set for $20.​



Days: Wednesday

Time: 10:30-12:00

Teacher: Mrs. Terri Keller

Classroom: Annex 2

Cost: $21/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $32 material fee