Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

This class will be a challenging, college-prep Chemistry class.   But promises to include a lot of fun! 


We will cover molecular geometry, stoichiometry, solutions, reduction, oxidation, and heat through lectures and hands-on labs.  Lab topics can include measuring the wavelength of microwaves, determining the number of water molecules in a hydrated compound, calculating percent yield, measuring the concentration of a hydrogen peroxide solution, determining the concentration of acetic acid in vinegar, measuring the specific heat of a metal, determining the change in enthalpy for a chemical reaction, performing flame tests, examining the interference of light waves, comparing metals to nonmetals, exploring Boyle’s Law, doing litmus tests, and electroplating.

Homework will be about 5-6 hours per week (depending on the student). We will cover a chapter every 1-2 weeks so homework will include reading/reviewing chapters, completing all associated work, labs, tests, and online quizzes.  Labs will be split between teacher worksheets and student formal lab reports.  We will try to complete at least 2 labs per chapter. 


Parents will check and students will correct their chapter work with the answer key using a given grading system.  Some tests will be taken at home with parent supervision and some are taken in class. This includes a final at the end of each semester.  


*A calculator is required for this class.  Casio fx-9750GII is the one I am very familiar with but a TI-83/84/89 or TI-30XA is sufficient for this class.


Prerequisite: Enrollment or completion of Algebra 2.


Required Text: 

Discovering Design with Chemistry

(author Dr. Jay L. Wile; Publisher Berean Builder-1st edition 2015) ISBN-13: 978- 0996278461, 

Discovering Design Answer Key and Tests ISBN 978-0996278478, calculator-*see description above

Grades: 10-12

Days: Wednesday

Time: 12:30-2:30

Teacher: Mrs. Terri Keller

Classroom: Annex 3

Cost: $24/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $90 material fee