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Are you ready to expand your well-established theatre skills? Then this is the class for you!

Students practice cold reading, scene study, and making good character choices. With coaching and professional constructive criticism from teachers and classmates, students will improve their stage acting while learning to develop stage presence, chemistry with fellow actors, and collaboratively working with and under a director.

Every week in class, we will have an open discussion about concepts from the plays we are reading, answer questions about and discuss the art and technique of theatre, and practice cold reading scenes. Once a month, the students will perform their monologues and will receive feedback and coaching. Homework: reading, analysis, and memorization of classwork (2-4 hours a week)

Students are expected to memorize and perform one monologue per month (1=4 weeks; 8 total). As a class, we will read 4 plays throughout the school year (1=8 weeks): “Poetics” by Aristotle, and “A Challenge for the Actor” by Uta Hagen.

The final four weeks of the spring semester will be spent working intensely and professionally on a play. For this, we will take a break from memorizing monologues and reading other plays, to allow the actors to focus solely on their character and performance. This will comprise the final exam (graded on professionalism, class participation, and completion of memorization and reading). Students will perform this play one weekend (two performances- matinee and evening) at the end of the school year.

Grades: Experienced 9th -12th

Day: Thursday

Time: 10:30-12:00

Teacher: Miss Grace Krynicki

Tuition: $19.50 per week for 32 weeks plus a one-time fee of $100

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