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Non-Musical Stage Production Class

From the wondrous lamp the Genie appears granting Aladdin three wishes and a ride upon a magic carpet, flying off to a world of adventure! Just when it seems all is lost, Aladdin uses his cleverness to trick the evil Magician and save the Sultan's kingdom. At last, the Sultan joins Aladdin and the Princess in a joyous marriage. For his final wish Aladdin grants the Genie his freedom and all the kingdom celebrate his victory...

This class is intended for students wishing to BEGIN or continue learning to act. It will culminate in March with a traditional "Tech Week" performing in several live stage productions!

Students will experience the fun of "break-a-leg" roses and the excitement of curtain calls!

You are guaranteed to have a meaningful experience and make close friendships! If you are interested in theatre, this is the one class to take!

We will produce a fun, interactive, school play version of Aladdin! By the third week everyone will participate in a class audition and each student will receive a role based on their preference (lots of lines, just a few lines, etc).

Required materials:

Three ring binder, pencils, water bottle

*Parents will be required to attend the first 30 minutes of the first class, assist with costumes, and volunteer during some of tech week/performances.


Grades: 5*-8

*Minimum age 10

Days: Friday

Time: 12:00-1:30

Teacher: Mrs. Lacy Bucy

Classroom: Theatre

Cost: $19.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $40 material fee

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