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Learn to appreciate the wonder of God's creation during this Apologia Biology course! For most students, this will be the first truly rigorous science course ever taken. It does require time and patience. The class will consist of lectures, video clips, hands-on activities, handouts, worksheets, class discussions, projects, and games.

You will need to devote 45 minutes to 1 hour per school day, minimum, to studying biology just for the CHE class. ** Parents wishing to teach additional material at home, assign extra work, dissections, experiments, tests, or module summaries, may do so at any time throughout the year. We will not complete every question on every study guide. We will not answer every question on the Module Tests. Some tests will be sent home to utilize the class time best. The minimum amount of homework for this class will be 45 minutes to 1 hour per school day.

Students will get experience using a microscope to study slides. Students will also gain experience with dissections. Dissections may be done with a lab partner with prior approval. Each student will be charged $40 for the dissection kit specimens. Parents may require their students to write formal lab reports for their homeschool goals. Students will write some informal lab reports for class.

This curriculum has 16 Modules. Each module will take a minimum of 2 class periods to complete. It will be critical to help your new High Schooler manage their time to complete assignments for this course. This is not a remedial class. It will be imperative that the parents stay up to date with the teacher via the Student Portal/Google Classroom system. The teacher will email the student and the parent.

Students will be assigned a Science Fair type project, which will require extra time, resources, and a modest amount of money. The teacher will lead the students and give explicit instructions on how to complete the project.


· Students must have computer access, able to research and write papers, including copy and paste photos.

· Students must have Microsoft Word/ MS Word or some common word-processing program mainly for creating documents, such as handouts, students' homework assignments, writing research essays, etc.

· Students must have the ability to email papers to the teacher.

· Students must come to class on time, be seated, and be prepared to begin class at 12:00.

· Students must turn in assigned homework.

· Students who cannot complete homework assignments and bring them to class on time may not be ready for this college-prep Biology class. Must be able to read and write at the 9th-grade level minimum.

· Students must actively participate in class discussions, complete labs, dissections, and presentations.

Required text & supplies:

· Exploring Creation with Biology Text, 3rd, Edition, Publication: 2020 Paperback, 716 pages, Apologia Educational Ministries, ISBN-13: 9781946506450

· Loose-leaf paper- brought to class

· 3 ring binder- this will be for keeping handouts

· Spiral notebook for class notes- and Lab Notes

· A different color spiral notebook for taking notes while reading the textbook.

· Index cards- for definitions per Module

· Holder for Index cards

· Colored pencils

· Dictionary app on a phone or some other form of a dictionary that is easily accessible

· Not required but extremely helpful is the multimedia CD. The CD contains audio pronunciations of the technical words used in the book. The CD contains a video or animation that corresponds to the Module being read. This is extra material to aid the student.


Grades: 9-10

Days: Monday

Time: 12:30-2:00

Teacher: Mrs. Jocelyn Skelly

Cost: $19.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $75 material fee

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