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Crew class is an opportunity for students to work behind the scenes for theatre productions. This class ONLY meets during the weeks of rehearsals for theatre productions, including musicals. Usually runs 10-12 weeks depending on reschedules, extra rehearsals, weather, illnesses, pandemics, etc!

If you are interested in working on the Crew, you will need to apply at the Front Desk once you see that we are announcing "Auditions" for the upcoming production. For example, as soon as we announce audition dates for the Fall Musical, you will need to come to the front desk to ask for an application.

Crews are not very large, usually 6 students max. They are the ones who design, construct and paint sets. They move sets onto the stage and off the stage during each rehearsal and production. Depending on experience, they also have other responsibilities such as running the sound or the lights; assisting with costumes; and stage make-up.

This class provides students with opportunities to check out the theatre program and utilize their talents and passions while making new and life-long friendships.

Ages: 13 and up

Days: Thursday

Time: 2:45-4:15

Teacher: Mrs. Lacy Bucy

Classroom: Theatre

Cost: $95

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