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Have you ever wanted to travel around the world, or perhaps you are interested in becoming a missionary someday? Maybe you just want to know how you fit in to the rest of the world? This class is designed to give you a picture of the countries of the world and the wonderful people in it.

The book is set up like a passport. We will learn about the languages spoken, food, clothing, customs, landmarks, and interesting historical facts about each country, and much more. We will also learn about Christian missionaries and explorers, as well as where these countries are located and different geographical features.

We will read through much of the material together in class, but there will be some activities and reading to do with parents at home each week.

Hands-on activities will be incorporated to help us experience more of what we are learning, including food, music, games, crafts, etc. We will even learn words to test on our parents from each country that we visit.

Come join me, your tour guide, and see what kind of adventures we can have!

Texts: Passport to the World: Your A-to-Z Guided Tour

by Craig Froman, 2010, Master Books


ISBN: 0890515956

Children's Atlas of God's World

by Craig Froman, 2013, Master Books


ISBN: 0890517061


Grades: 3-5

Day: Tuesday

Time: 12:30 - 1:30

Teacher: Mrs. Lara Fuller

Tuition: $13/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $32 material fee

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