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This is designed to be an advanced course to develop the experienced writer’s individual theatrical style through the writing of scenes towards a full-length play.

Students will explore the dimensions of writing for the stage through key areas of craft, including language, dialogue, the essentials of dramatic form, and structure. They will also focus on dramatic tension (behavior, action, and the spoken word) and character–fulfilling theme through the depiction of characters with distinct voices and histories.

This course is designed to give the student the fundamentals of play construction and theory, using writing techniques and exercises, and in-class feedback.

The goal is to complete a full-length show they can call their own!

The class will culminate with a final presentation towards the end of March, in which the class participants will act as directors, actors*, producers, and stage management. To be successful in this class, students will need to be highly self-motivated and passionate about this area of study.

*Actors will be the students in the class, or the students in the class will act as a panel to select various actors from outside the class to perform roles as needed.

**Subject to teacher approval

Required: Must bring a laptop to each class.

***Minimum students required = 5

Class Prerequisites: Must have a love of writing and the ability to work as a group.

****In this high school class students will need to show responsibility for themselves, so parents will not be required to attend the first class, however they may need to assist with costumes (if your writer is also chosen to be an actor), and will need to volunteer during some of tech week/performances.

Grades: 10-12

Days: Monday 2:30-4:00 & Wednesday 2:30-4:00

Teacher: Mrs. Lacy Bucy

Classroom: Theatre

Cost: $35/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $40 material fee

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