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This covers advanced algebraic and geometric concepts. Class time will include lecture notes, practice homework quiz and time devoted to providing tutorial/homework help in class each day. Tests will be in class or take home every 3-4 weeks. ***Prerequisite: 70% at preceding math level.

· Students must have the ability to scan homework in to google classroom when necessary

· Students must come to class on time, be seated, and be prepared to begin class at 9:00am.

· Students must turn in assigned homework each class day.

· Students need to have earned a 70% or higher in the previous math (Algebra 1)

· Students who cannot complete homework assignments and bring them to class on time may not be ready for this college-prep math.

· Students must actively participate in class discussions.


  • For entrance into Algebra 2 students must take a placement test.

Students need to score a minimum of 70%. The graded test needs to be printed out or scanned and sent to the front desk for evaluation.

  • Google classroom will be the primary means of communication, assignments, and grades. All students will need to be in google classroom for the entire school year.

HOMEWORK: TWO TO THREE HOURS PER WEEKLY CLASS HOUR -generally consisting of 30 problems twice a week and take-home test when assigned.

REMEMBER- we are a team! CHE is not the school. You are!

Parents will oversee all homework grading according to the guidelines, correcting, and administer any take home tests. The CHE teacher is not responsible for grading homework and will not keep records of overall grade should more than 2 weeks of ungraded homework occur.

As per the CHE covenant, failure to comply with the requirements of this ALGEBRA 2 class could result in the student failing Algebra 2 or could result in the student being dropped from the class, and the full tuition will remain due.

Required Texts:

· Saxon Algebra 2, 3rd Edition Textbook & Solutions manual

· Graphing calculator - Casio FX-9750Gii

· Binder to keep up with notes, homework, and graded assignments. A spiral to keep all lecture notes.

Grade: Students must be ready for Algebra 2

​Day: Friday

Time: 9:00-11:00

Teacher: Mrs. Terri Keller

Tuition: $26.00/week for 32 weeks plus a one-time $32 material fee.

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