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Saxon Math Homeschool 8/7 teaches math with a spiral approach, which emphasizes incremental development of new material and continuous review of previously taught concepts.

Building upon the principles taught in Saxon Math 7/6, the Saxon 8/7 textbook reviews arithmetic calculation, measurements, geometry, and other skills, and introduces pre-algebra, ratios, probability, and statistics. Students will specifically learn about adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions, equivalent fractions, the metric system, repeating decimals, scientific notation, Pi, graphing inequalities, multiplying algebraic terms, the Pythagorean Theorem, the slope-intercept form of linear equations, and more.

Saxon Math 8/7 is designed for students in grade 7, or for 8th grade students who are struggling with math.

Required: Students must take a placement test after registering for this class (click). The results must be turned in at the front desk of the Center. The math teacher will evaluate the results to make sure that your student is ready for MATH 8/7.

Google classroom will be the primary means of communication, assignments, and grades. All students will need to be in google classroom for the entire school year.

REMEMBER- we are a team! CHE is not the school. You are! Parents will oversee all homework grading according to the guidelines, correcting, and administer any take home tests. Parents will need to grade homework at least twice per week.

As per the CHE covenant, failure to comply with the requirements of this Math 8/7 class could result in the student failing and could result in the student not being able to take the next Saxon math level at the Center.

Required Texts:

Saxon Math 8/7, 3rd Edition, Home Study Kit

ISBN: 1591413508

Grade: 7th

Day: Thursday

Time: 10:30-12:00

Teacher: Mr. Sam Vidal

Tuition: $19.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $32 material fee

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