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Explore various topics in-depth, ranging from the chemistry of chocolate to paleontology!

No homework or tests. No textbooks.

Hands-on, project-based every week.

This class will combine arts and crafts, experiments, writing/copying, puzzles, tasting, teacher reading storybooks, songs, poems, conceptual maths, presentations, Bible, etc.

Benefits of using Unit Studies in elementary grades.

Students get an in-depth understanding of each topic - this helps them develop mastery of the subject and have longer retention of the material.

No time restraints - students are given ample time to think, experiment, and discover each topic. The class will move to the subsequent unit study once everyone is finished exploring the current topic.

Students can learn through different learning styles because there are varied activities per each Unit Study topic.

Unit studies encourage the use of imagination, creativity, and thinking skills.

Because each topic is presented as a whole, (IE: Birds vs. part of a geography textbook that includes a few paragraphs about seagulls found on beaches,) with many memorable experiences; the students are less likely to forget what they have learned.

Grades: 3-5

Day: Tuesday

Time: 11:30-12:30

Teacher: Mrs. Lara Fuller

Tuition: $13 per week for 32 weeks, plus a one-time $64 material fee.

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