General Music Class

Image by Simon Noh

Let them experience the role that music plays in our lives!

A music class for non-musicians who enjoy listening to music and those with a background in music looking for study beyond a performance class!


This broad survey class will explore the role music plays in our lives, genres, cultural context, a basic introduction to music theory, and the evolution of music.


Our first semester will look at music from 1920 - today and touch on many genres. We will learn about ragtime, jazz, country, rock, and the music on the screen.

Our in-class projects will include making our own instruments from found objects, rewriting the lyrics of a famous song to create a parody, learning to play music from the "British Invasion" music on various instruments, and learning a Christmas song on the ukulele as a group.

At home, individual projects will also complement our in-class learning.

Almost every week will lightly touch upon a music theory concept we will explore that pertains to the music we are discussing.


In our second semester, we will move into the powerhouses of classical music. We will be learning about specific composers, their most important works, and the world that their music either reflected or transformed.

We will continue our in-class projects, work with the famous works, and play our own versions of instruments. Some works of music will be reimagined for the 21st century.

We will learn about how instruments are constructed, what careers are available in music, continue our music theory education and have a final at-home individual project.


Looks great on a High School Transcript!

Students need a 1" binder to keep handouts.

Grades: 7*-12

Days and Times: Monday 1:30 - 2:30

Teacher: Mrs. Amy Moore

Classroom: Annex 3

Cost: $12/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $32 material fee

*Mature 7th graders