Image by Sara Sperry

This will be a one semester class. Did you know there are all kinds of cookies? Molded, Dropped, Rolled, Pressed, Refrigerator, Bar, and No-Bake. The main goal of this class will be to create delicious, quality cookies while teaching the students how to carefully follow recipe instructions.

There are various ways to use icing as well. From traditional buttercream to fondant, there are different kinds of frosting. We may use canned, tub, pouch, tube, royal, or even a special family recipe.


Students will bring their own non-food supplies in a carrying case each week. (Large bowl, measuring spoons & cups, spatulas, etc.)

Mrs. Fleming will provide a supply list and will thoroughly explain after registration. Ingredients will be provided.


During class, the students will follow directions to mix up cookie dough; bake 2 cookies in class; preserve the remainder of the dough for a future cookie exchange or Bake Sale.


We only have an hour, but we will make lots of meaningful memories!

*6 students max

Grades: ages 10+

Days: Tuesday

Time: 9:00-10:00

Teacher: Renee Fleming

Classroom: Annex 1

Cost: $270 total, includes supplies