This apologetics course is for upper elementary students.  We will delve into issues regarding the Bible, God, sin, dinosaurs, the Flood of Noah, salvation, astronomy, and more.  We will use the collection of question-answer books from Ken Ham and the team at Answers in Genesis. The Bible verses quoted in The Answers Book for Kids series are from the New King James Version but students are encouraged to write out their daily verses in the version they use.  Some worksheets and quizzes will be graded.   


Much more than a lecture and worksheet class, we will have hands-on projects, art and crafts, and fellowship.  We will utilize games, movement, volunteer work, songs, and food where applicable. The answers we give today will be the foundation of the next generation.  This series gives kids the vital answers to help them form a strong and lasting faith foundation.  

Grades: 4-6

Days: Tuesday

Time: 10:45-12:45

Teacher: Mrs. Ruth Koinm

Classroom: Far Side 1

Cost: $24/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $80 material fee