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Tanya Stuart


Tanya Stuart

Mrs. Tanya Stuart has been a homeschool mom of 4 for 15 years. She graduated from college with a Communications/Theatre degree. The Stuart family moved to Texas from California last July and started attending the Center right away. While in California, all of the children were heavily involved in a homeschool music program. During her time in the music program, she taught recorder class for 4 years. Her students ranged from 2nd graders to high schoolers.

The family was also part of Classical Conversations, and she taught IEW for 3 years. Not only did she teach IEW at a Classical Conversations campus, but it has also been a curriculum that she has used for her children since her oldest was in 4th grade.

One of the things she is passionate about is acting. She has worked professionally, on and off, as an actress for over 20 years. She enjoys improv and teaching it as well. She is looking forward to teaching at the Center.

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