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Saxon Math 8/7 is designed for students in grade 7, or for 8th-grade students who are struggling with math.

Building upon the principles taught in Saxon Math 7/6, the Saxon 8/7  textbook reviews arithmetic calculation, measurements, geometry and other skills, and introduces pre-algebra, ratios, probability and statistics. Students will specifically learn about adding/subtracting/multiplying fractions, equivalent fractions, the metric system, repeating decimals, scientific notation, Pi, graphing inequalities, multiplying algebraic terms, the Pythagorean Theorem, the slope-intercept form of linear equations, and more.

Lessons contain a warm-up (with facts practice, mental math, & problem-solving exercises); introduction to the new concept, lesson practice exercises where the new skill is practiced, and mixed practice exercises, which includes 25-30 old and new problems. In-depth "Investigations" are provided every 10 lessons, and have their own set of questions.


The Tests and Worksheets book provides supplemental "facts practice" tests for each lesson, as well as 23 cumulative tests that cover every 5-10 lessons. The included "activity sheets" are designed to be used with the activities given in the student worktext. Five optional, reproducible, recording forms are also included.


The Solutions Manual provides answers for all problems in the lesson (including warm-up, lesson practice, and mixed practice exercises), as well as solutions for the supplemental practice found in the back of the student text. It also includes answers for the facts practice tests, activity sheets, and tests in the separate tests & worksheets book.


Required Texts:

Saxon Homeschool Kit includes: ISBN: 1591413508
ISBN-13: 9781591413509

  • Student Text; 3rd Edition.

  • Tests and worksheets three-ring-punched. 3rd Edition.

  • Solutions Manual; softcover. 3rd Edition.

Days: Wednesday

Time: 2:30-4:00

Teacher: Mrs. Katharine Wright

Classroom: Far Side 1

Cost: $18/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $32 material fee