Math Class

Saxon Math 7/6 is designed for students in grade 6, or grade 7 students who are struggling with math.


Saxon Math is the most popular homeschooling math program – hands down! It’s highly recommended by both Mary Pride and Cathy Duffy and also wins the Center’s award for the “Most Requested Text.”  Learning is incremental and each new concept is continuously reviewed so the learning has time to “sink in” instead of being forgotten when the next topic is presented. Higher scores on standardized tests and increased enrollments in upper-level math and science classes have resulted where Saxon has been used in public schools. Students like Saxon because they feel successful in math instead of overwhelmed. Because of the format, children are able to work more independently.


It is required that students new to the Saxon curriculum take the Saxon Math Placement Tests. 

The Saxon Middle Grades Test evaluates readiness for Math 5/4, Math 6/5, Math 7/6, Math 8/7, and Algebra ½ (Prealgebra). Instructions for administering the tests and evaluating the results are included with the tests. 

If you have any further questions about math placement, please feel free to contact Katharine Wright at


The placement test can be found here.


Parents will be responsible for grading math homework.

Curriculum/Required Text(s):

Saxon Math 7/6 - 4th Edition Home school Kit--consists of 3 books; Student Text, Test and Worksheet Manual, Solutions Manual.

Grades: 6-7

Days: Wednesday

Time: 9:00-10:30

Teacher: Mrs. Katharine Wright

Classroom: Far Side 1

Cost: $18/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $32 material fee