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American Kids: Activity Class







10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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$13/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $50 material fee

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Kristy Howard

Activity Class about America- based on the American Girls book series.

This class is for both boys and girls. Although designed for students around 9, much younger and much older could enjoy and benefit from this class. So, all are welcome.  

What was it like for children growing up in the past? What were the customs and legends? 

What were the houses and clothing like? What kinds of traditions were there?

How did God and the church play a part in their lives? Who were the Presidents? 

We will listen to stories, watch appropriate clips, make handcrafts, draw and color/paint, create posters, play games, share food, listen to music, and much more. We will learn about praying for America, perseverance, courage, and loyalty. We might sing songs or do a one-act play with finger puppets. Have a tea party?

The following list gives an idea of what this class will likely cover. There are many more ideas, and some of our activities will be generated by the students and their curiosity, as well as suggestions from their parents. We will have the freedom to explore!

1764 Kaya's World - Native American Homeland (What is the meaning behind zigzag designs? How could a dress be worth several horses in trade? Babies on horses? Living in a tepee?)

1774 Felicity's World - Colonial America (What instrument was for boys only? Why was perfume so important? Spies, midnight riders, and secret soldiers in the fight for America's freedom.)

1854 Kirsten's World - Pioneer America (What did some Indian tribes use as a doorbell? Immigrants were streaming across the country for a better life. Kirsten's family moved to America from Sweeden.)

1864 Addy's World - America's Civil War (What did the doll have hidden in her head? Who was the "Black Swan?" How were messages carried in drumbeats?)

1934 Kit's World - America's Great Depression (what did they do for fun without much money? did five baby girls bring hope to millions of Americans?)

1944 Molly's World - World War 2 (How did dogs serve? All-American Girls Professional Baseball League; scrap paper and metal for the war effort; Victory gardens; Blondie & Dagwood;)

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