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COVID-like symptoms:​


  • Visible signs of illness should cause you to keep your student home until they are symptom-free. Do not come to campus if you or anyone in your family have been ill or around anyone who has been ill with covid during the past 10 days.


  • If a student comes to class with symptoms: fever/runny nose/stomach issues/etc. they are considered "ill" and parents will be notified to return to campus.

  • It will be a case by case basis. 

  • We will contact parents about any student that is constantly sneezing or coughing as they will most likely be miserable attending a class.  Sneezes should be covered with a cloth or a tissue at all times. 


  • We typically follow the BISD inclement weather decisions.  If they close their schools, we will close.   Please be aware of the weather reports for the next few days.


  • Teachers will offer a make-up class which may or may not be on the same day of the week and time of day that the regular class occurs.  We will try our best to accommodate each student's schedule. 


  • The Center is here to assist with but is not responsible for, the education of your students.  


  • Tx HIS Inc. dba Center for Home Education cannot be held responsible for any claims of loss, damage, and/or injury of any nature or property resulting from programs or activities.  


  • Students should dress modestly for classes and are expected to behave in a Christ-like manner and respect the property of the Center at all times. Those who do not will be dismissed from the program. 




  • Parents are responsible for picking up their children promptly at the end of their child’s class schedule.  Students must stay in close proximity of The Center before and after class while waiting for parents.  Children may be dropped off no sooner than 10 minutes before class is scheduled to begin.  Please do not drop off students before The Center opens for business. 

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