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Health, Anatomy, & Fitness, for Kids







10:45 AM - 11:45 AM

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$13/week for 32 weeks and a one-time $40 material fee

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Shannon Jackson

In this class, students will learn about the systems of our bodies. We will also learn the role that fitness and good, healthy choices make in keeping our bodies fit. Activities and hands-on projects will make learning fun!!! When the weather is pretty, sometimes we will take the fitness portion of class outside for some fun relay games and activities!

We will learn about:

The skeletal system

The muscular system

The digestive system

The cardiovascular system

The neurological system

The immune system


Dental Health

The 5 Senses


This is not a homework heavy class. But students will need a few minutes of study time to review information that we are learning (for example, learning the names of major bones to label a worksheet) or they may be sent home with a couple of fun easy worksheets to do. Again, this just helps them to keep the information in their minds during the week. This should require no more than a few minutes a couple of days during the week.

Your student will need:

a 3 ring binder

Colored pencils


We will occasionally use scissors and glue sticks also.

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