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Art History with Acrylics








Far Side 2


$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $60 supply fee

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Shannon Jackson

This class is open to everyone from grade 3 to grade 12! No prior experience is needed. All skill levels are welcome, but the students must be willing to listen and able to follow directions and most importantly be willing to try. Everyone will be encouraged to work at their own level!

For each unit, students will be introduced to a different artist in art history. We will learn a little about the artists life and then study different paintings by the artist discussing the style, use of colors, and students will give feedback on what they think of the artwork. We will recreate one of the artists works together “Bob Ross Style” with the students painting along with me. Then students will get to create their own masterpiece based on that artists style.

During our lessons we will touch on some basic art elements such as color theory, composition and value. And they will also be introduced to the styles of artwork such a cubism and Impressionism.

Student artwork will be displayed at an art show at the end of the year.

Come and join Mrs. Jackson for some fun on Tuesdays!


3 ring binder for artist information handouts and worksheets.


2 9x12 watercolor Art Pads (this will be kept in the classroom for classroom use) see link below.'s-Touch-Watercolor-Paper-Pad---9%22-x-12%22/p/81029001

Portfolio for storing artwork (this will be kept in the classroom) see link below. Please try and provide the 11x14 size, larger portfolios create a storage challenge. Thank you!

Paint and brushes will be provided.

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