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Biblical Worldview of American History








Annex 3


$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $35 supply fee

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Donna Jones

What events took place after the tower of Babel,  before Columbus' famous trip?  Should we interpret history through the lens of faith in God and respect for His Word?  Is it essential to study history?  How we perceive the world affects how we understand the significance of all events, shaping our decisions and future actions.  Come along as we explore history in America from just before Columbus until the election of 1876.  Do you want to discuss biblical perspectives of the world and particularly America?  If so, you will enjoy this class!  If you want a class that is about memorizing names, dates, titles, etc, then you will not enjoy this class.  This is a student-participation class.  If you want to sit in the back and not interact with others, this is not the class for you!  This is not a boring, lecture-based class, so be prepared to enjoy it even if you do not admit it!  Do you want to know the stories of faith and freedom from America's founding?  Join us! 

What will the students of this class do?  Research!  What does research mean?  For this class, it means searching out information, using any creative means available, to undertake increasing knowledge of history.  Students will need daily access to educational websites, mainly including videos, articles, portions of books, art, music, etc.  Home libraries or public libraries will be helpful.  The most common assignment will be "Look up and study what these words/video (scripture, speech, artifact, person/people, myth, fact, map, etc.) mean.  Plus, "Draw a picture/write a paragraph to go with it." Or, color this picture, solve this puzzle, answer this question, and bring it back.

Students are to come to class ready to talk about their understanding of why we care about the assignment.  Assignments will be provided in writing and on Google Classroom and can always be made clear by talking to me.  The most common tasks during the weekly class will include "show and tell" type discussions with the class, discussing, listening, taking notes, and being willing to try new ways of expression. 

Students will have opportunities including but not limited to creating or "recreating" recipes, art, music, fashion, construction, short stories, short plays, games, songs, video clips, or voice recordings.  Students will not need to purchase a textbook but will be given specific "living books" to read and return.  Parents should ensure students have a quiet place to research, think, and create.  The student should expect to spend at least 2 hours per week studying American History. 


Quizzes will be given every four weeks.  Grades will come from weekly classroom participation (including being on time, with supplies, ready to start class on time, staying in the room the entire class period), completing assignments, and quality of work according to grade level and ability.  Parents will help determine the last two.  Cell phones will be turned off during class.  Quizzes will account for 10% of the overall grade.  Anytime a student is absent, they will miss out on much information.  Their assignment is still due even if they cannot come to class.  The missed day assignment will be in my box (for the parent to pick up) and on Google Classroom.  It is required that parents respond to all texts and emails.

90% of the classroom instruction will come from the 2019 edition of Exploring America, Part 1, by Ray Notgrass.  Other classroom aides will include Drive Thru History videos. 

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