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Annex 3


$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $50 supply fee

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Lindsey Nance

Let’s dive into our entrepreneurial spirit! 

This two-semester class will ask students to create their own brand or company.  

The first semester will consist of creating a mission statement, deciding how the company needs to be structured (LLC, DBA, sole-proprietor, etc), designing the company’s website, designing marketing materials, and deciding a budget with salary information, projected revenue, etc.  

The second semester will consist of deciding how many employees are necessary, how they will be paid, distinction of employee roles and salary info for each role, what the hiring process looks like, deciding different company departments, if necessary, figuring out where the company will be housed, expected start date, etc. 

Essay/Homework/Technology requirements: 

Students MUST have computer access, the ability to research and write on various subjects. Students must have Google Docs or Microsoft Word for creating word documents, writing essays, etc. 

Students MUST have the ability to upload their electronic copies of homework to Google Docs; if this does not work, the student MUST be able to email the teacher their homework. Unless done in class, written assignments MUST be typed and turned in electronically.

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