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Career Exploration: The World Through Work








Far Side 2


$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $70 supply fee

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Amy Moore

This class is an innovative look at the world through the jobs and industries around us. It is currently estimated that today's high schoolers will have an average of fifteen jobs in their lifetime spread across different industries. Many of the jobs they will have do not exist today.

We'll look at the symbiotic relationship between a variety of industries, as well as investigate the current jobs available and their varying educational requirements. We'll take a look at our own interests and gifts and show how that can be a starting point when beginning our first job searches as a young adult.

We will discuss the process of resume writing, applications and interviews.

We will research local colleges and universities, internships/apprenticeships, the military, technical schools, and jobs with on the job training. This class is for all high school students no matter what their current educational goals are after graduating.

We will look at emerging trends in industries and the way jobs have changed over the past decade.

We will work together in groups as much as possible, including in a multi-stage entrepreneurial project designing our own businesses.

We will interview real-world people about their careers and job choices.

We will also survey the general philosophy of work, and discuss ethics in the workplace, work/life balance, AI, and how industries have changed our lives and society as a whole.

Homework for this class will average about an hour a week.

Students will need the ability to use the internet, YouTube, and Google Classrooms.

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