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Chemistry Science with Labs








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$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $90 supply fee

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Jocelyn Skelly

This college-preparatory course covers fundamental aspects of chemistry such as the classification of matter, atomic structure, spectroscopy, chemical bonding, molecular geometry, physical and chemical change, stoichiometry, solutions, ideal gases, acid/base chemistry, reduction/oxidation reactions, thermochemistry, thermodynamics, kinetics, and chemical equilibrium. Weaving together concepts and their mathematical applications, the course teaches students how to think as a chemist so they can analyze the major changes that occur in matter. The class will also introduce students to everyday chemistry with activities in subjects such as soil chemistry, environmental chemistry, and plastics.

This class will include weekly experiments in class to demonstrate the material from the text. Students will have roughly 4 hours of homework a week including reading the text, answering text questions, completing at home tests, watching supplemental videos, and finishing up informal lab write-ups.There will be short weekly quizzes for information the students need to memorize as the tests will be at home and open textbook. Parents MUST stay up to date with Google Classroom to make sure students are turning the work in.

Students must have completed Algebra 1. 

Chemistry is a rigorous class but we will work through it together as we uncover the details of atomic structure or the makeup of the very air we breathe to discover the marvelous handiwork of God all around us.

Required materials:

Discovering Design with Chemistry by Jay Wile, Berean Builders textbook

Spiral notebook for taking notes in class and from the text

3-ring binder with loose-leaf paper for lab reports and to keep handouts organized

Scientific Calculator

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