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Elementary Spanish (2-4)








Art Room


$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $35 supply fee

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Jessica Avalos

Come along to the Center to have Fun learning Spanish!

This 2nd-4th grade class is designed to help young learners grow in their curiosity about the Spanish language. This will be a time to use Art, books, Play-Doh, paints, songs, flash cards, games, and food to help make Spanish come to life! We might even do a little skit for our parents using stuffed animals or puppets. If your child is interested in learning Spanish with a small group of other children, then this class is for them!

Students should be able to be away from their parents for one hour and be ready for a classroom setting. Please have your student go to the restroom and get a last drink prior to coming to class. We will be so busy that we cannot stop for breaks to go to the restroom. Overall, it will be a much more enjoyable experience if your child “wants” to grow and learn all things Spanish.

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