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French (K-3)








Far Side 2

K*-3rd *age 5+

$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $35 supply fee

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Josianne Gatariki

The Center offers 3 different French classes.

  • French K-3

  • French 4th-6th - Discovering French $20 rental

  • French I - 7th -12th- Discovering French $20 rental 

The instructor is Mrs. Josianne Gatariki.

Email her at if you have specific questions about her classes. It has always been challenging to begin learning a new language, and signing up at the center with my class will make it easy as I will be there to help you~ Mrs. Gatariki.

The textbook for French I AND the French 4th-6th can be rented from the Center. The other class the teacher will provide handouts.  High School students will be given homework and should plan at least 30 minutes per day four days per week. High School students will be given quizzes and a project or paper.

Generally speaking, learning a second language will expand your career opportunities and strengthen your first language skills. French is a language for the international job market. French enhances your brain power, allows you to travel the world, and boosts your confidence. It also increases your appreciation of other people and their cultures. A language that opens up the world!

Learning French is more beneficial since it is among the best ten languages. Our French class will understand basic vocabulary, phrases, and numbers. Students will also start practicing words to help them when meeting French people, like asking basic questions and introducing themselves.

To summarize, it’s safe to say that language plays a vital role in our lives.

Learning a language at a younger age gives you more advantages in the future.  So why learn a foreign language? The benefits of such skills are  highly positive –the more languages you can speak, the more opportunities you have, whether it is for work, travel, friendship, or self- improvement.

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