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$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $70 supply fee

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Shannon Jackson

This art class is for students on a BEGINNER level. We will go through the elements and principles of art while allowing the student time to practice and make projects based on what they have learned. We will learn some art history, color theory, drawing, perspective, and composition. Art education helps improve decision making skills, boosts self-confidence and helps students feel community. It makes young people more self-assured, as they learn about what appeals to them, and they directly influence how their final product will look. It’s something they can’t get wrong. Art is what they want it to be.

Some art and lessons will be guided, but at times the students will be given the freedom and opportunity to explore their own creativity and individual style.

We will use different art mediums, including (but not limited to) pencil, acrylic paints, watercolor paints, carving and print making materials, and clay.

There will also be an art show at the end of the year to showcase their hard work and creativity!!

This class will earn 1 Fine Arts Credit for the High School Transcript.

There is little homework for this class, on occasion will be asked to research subject matter for certain projects.

Each student will need a portfolio to keep their artwork safe. This will be kept in the classroom and sent home with your student at the end of the year with their artwork. (See link)

Please try to provide the 11 x 14 size. Sizes larger than this are hard to store.

Each student will need to provide 2 pads of art paper for class… these are the links to the specific ones recommended. (Again these will be kept in the classroom for class use)'s-Touch-Watercolor-Paper-Pad---9%22-x-12%22/p/81029001

Brushes, paint and other materials will be provided in the classroom.

This class is meant for mature students who are interested in art.

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