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Tuesday, Thursday

10:30-12:00, 11:15-12:45



$33/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $40 supply fee

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Lacy Bucy

Theatre is great for kids with a love of the spotlight or those wanting to come out of their shell. Come make friends, hone your craft, and take on a role!

This class is a Writing class and Theatre Production class rolled into one!

Have you ever wanted to put your imagination and writing skills together with others to create something that can be actually performed on a stage??

The Fall semester is spent learning and doing everything that goes into writing a full-length script for a theatrical production including plot, theme, characters, and dialogue.

The Spring semester begins with closed in-class auditions and then is spent rehearsing a full show with set, props, costumes, lights, and sound.

There will be a full tech week near the end of the school year where students will be required to attend class in the evenings (typically 5:30-8:30, or 6:30-9:30, with an estimated end time which can run later), followed by three nights of live onstage performances complete with break-a-leg roses during intermission and a curtain call.

Parents are required to volunteer for two spots which include needs like Annex Mom, Usher, and Line Reader. Parents are also required to attend the first 30 minutes of the first class of the SPRING semester to go over important theatre information as well as sign a Contract of Commitment with your student.

Everyone in the class will have the option of only writing, or directing/acting in the show, or working behind the scenes. Writers will need to audition if they want a role, but will have priority.

Students must:

Have a strong writing ability

Have theatre experience

Be able to work as a team and be flexible

Be able to take criticism and be told “no” - sometimes ideas just don’t work or need to be changed. Your student must be aware that there is a possibility that NONE of their own writing will make it into the final product, but the end result is due to everyone’s input. ALL final decisions (including casting) will be made by Ms. Lacy and must be respected.

Homework Requirements:

This is not an easy class. Students will be required to spend multiple hours per week (sometimes per day) writing. Typical assignments include research papers or writing entire scenes before the next class. They will also need to put work into drafting emails, costume design, set design, and gathering sound effects, among other things. Coming to class without completing your writing assignment is NOT acceptable. Do not join this class if you are not able to put in the work.

Required supplies:

A laptop (not a tablet, not a phone) is required for EVERY class. Students must have access to their own GMAIL account.

Your student will get a script for the Spring semester that they need to bring to every class. 

They also need to bring a water bottle, a highlighter, and a pencil.

For rehearsals: they need to wear clothes they can move around in and shoes that will stay on their feet and be good for the surface of the stage. Jazz shoes are highly recommended. We also might have days where they will need to work on sets and props (around paint!). 

Hair will need to be in a ponytail or otherwise out of the face.

Most costumes and props will be supplied by the Theatre department. Other things that the theatre doesn’t have will need to be supplied by the student and parents (from home or GOODWILL. Amazon sometimes.).

If your student is going to miss a class you must notify me as soon as you can. Missing classes is allowed but it affects every student more so than a regular class. Assignments are still expected to be turned in on time even when a class is missed.

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