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$22.50/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $50 supply fee

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Lindsey Nance

This course focuses on the diverse science of psychology and will help students understand thinking, learning, emotion, social relations, mental illness, and human behavior. Students will learn how the knowledge, methods, and theories of psychologists are applied to analyzing human behavior. This course will help students develop critical thinking skills. 

*Please note some of the material taught in this class will require maturity. Some topics may include but are not limited to criminal behavior, the psychology behind serial killers, illegal drugs, severe mental illness, and more. 

Students want to understand themselves and others, and we, as educators, have an opportunity to help them gain self-awareness and insight, learn social and emotional skills like collaboration and communication. 

We will spend a lot of time focusing on individual psychologist’s and their corresponding theories. We will also have several group presentations throughout the year to facilitate learning. 

Psychology is the study of how our human minds work and how they function. In this course, you are taught several things, from terms used in the field, to theories of how the mind works and the people who helped develop these theories. When connecting the dots to how our minds can work in different situations, most students start to correlate what they learn with the outside world. Understanding how and why people act the way they do can give a new or even deeper perspective on how to handle these situations. 

This is a discussion-lead class and students will be expected to complete presentations and other activities. 

Students should plan to spend 3-6 hours each week reading the assigned chapters and completing homework assignments. 

Required: Textbook TBD ~ $50-$75 

I will be providing PDF versions of the chapters, as well as YouTube videos, and other psychology articles.

Essay/Homework/Technology requirements: 

Students MUST have computer access, the ability to research and write on various subjects. Students must have Google Docs or Microsoft Word for creating word documents, writing essays, etc. 

Students MUST have the ability to upload their electronic copies of homework to Google Docs; if this does not work, the student MUST be able to email the teacher their homework. Unless done in class, written assignments MUST be typed and turned in electronically.

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