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$15/week for 16 weeks and a one-time fee $35 supply fee

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Lindsey Nance

Cover Letter/Resume/How to be an adult 

In this one semester class, students will tackle the challenges that come with adulthood.  In this laid-back, informative, and discussion/project-based class, students will be asked to practice writing a cover letter and resume.  Then, we will discuss how to effectively "be a functioning adult in society."  This will include topics of how to get a job and how to interview, how to open a bank account, resources for taxes, discussion about what to expect when living on your own (rental costs, what to consider when moving out, how to move from renting to home buying).  Additionally, we will discuss how to prepare for a dinner party, social etiquette, and what different dress codes mean (business casual, semi-formal, etc) and more.   On the first day of class, I will pass around a sheet of paper and have students put down what they would like to learn, and within reason, I'd like to incorporate these ideas in the class, too. 

Essay/Homework/Technology requirements: 

Students MUST have computer access, the ability to research and write on various subjects. Students must have Google Docs or Microsoft Word for creating word documents, writing essays, etc. 

Students MUST have the ability to upload their electronic copies of homework to Google Docs; if this does not work, the student MUST be able to email the teacher their homework. Unless done in class, written assignments MUST be typed and turned in electronically.

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