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Tap Dance 2 (ages 13+)









8th-12th (ages 13+)

$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $35 supply fee

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Monique James

The second phase of this tap dance class is tailored for students who have mastered the basics and are ready to advance their skills. This phase is designed to deepen students' understanding

and proficiency in tap dancing, an expressive form of dance that combines musical rhythm with precise footwork.

Students will continue to explore rhythm, syncopation, and sound production, all while engaging in more complex movements and sequences. This course is designed to enhance the foundational skills already learned, guiding students toward a more seamless

performance and deeper appreciation of tap dance.


  1. Completion of Tap Dance 1 or equivalent experience.

  2. A comprehensive grasp of basic tap techniques, vocabulary, balance, rhythm, and body alignment.

Course Objectives:

  1. Expand upon basic tap techniques with more complex steps and combinations.

  2. Enhance musicality and expression through advanced rhythm and syncopation exercises.

  3. Introduce the basics of improvisation.

  4. Deepen knowledge of tap dance's history and its influential figures.

  5. Improve posture, balance, and coordination through challenging routines.

  6. Offer a supportive and fun environment that encourages social interaction and personal expression.

Advantages of Continuing Tap Dance Education:

  1. Broadened ability to dance to a diverse array of music.

  2. Further improvements in posture, balance, and overall physical coordination.

  3. A greater understanding of tap dance fundamentals and the ability to execute more complex routines.

  4. Continued enjoyment of a dynamic, engaging, and socially enriching activity.

Course Content:

1. Advanced Beginner Techniques: Building on foundational skills, students will learn new steps and combinations that challenge their speed, precision, and timing.

2. Rhythmic Exploration: Further exploration into the creation and understanding of rhythm, focusing on more complex syncopation and the integration of silence within tap sequences.

3. Introduction to Improvisation and Choreography: Students will begin to learn how to create their own tap sequences and participate in creating group choreographies, emphasizing creativity and teamwork.

4. Historical Insights and Iconic Dancers: Continuing education on the origins and evolution of tap dance, with a focus on the contributions of key figures in the development of the art form.

5. Performance Practice: Regular opportunities for students to perform and receive feedback to improve technique, expression, and stage presence.

6. Interactive End of Year Quiz: A Google Classroom-based quiz focusing on the history, techniques, and key personalities discussed throughout the course, reinforcing learning and engagement.

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