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$15/week for 32 weeks and a one-time fee $45 supply fee

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Jocelyn Skelly

This class operates as a team and is a great way to make friends and get connected!

This course offers students an introduction to the basic elements of visual communication and the print world as we take on the rold of historians, journalists, and artists. In creating a yearbook for The Center, students will acquire many skills.  They will learn the fundamentals of photography including camera usage, compositional skills, and visual storytelling as they document important events throughout the school year. We will also focus on theme creation, page layout, and details in design. Writing assignments will include interviewing, caption writing, and headline construction. In addition, we will discuss ethics in journalism and copyright law. And finally, an emphasis will be placed on staying organized, teamwork, editing, and meeting authentic deadlines.

Laptop computers and cameras will be helpful but not necessary for this class. In addition to weekly class time, students will be required to attend Center activities and events, spend time taking photos both scheduled and candid photo opportunities. There will be up to an hour of homework per week.

Yearbook team members will receive a free yearbook.

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