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Josianne Gatariki


Josianne Gatariki

I am excited to be teaching at the Center for Home Education for the first time this year!

I have been a frequent guest in Bethesda Christian school and French language classes in past years until I became a teacher. I joined the Bethesda Christian School staff as our French III instructor in 2012-2022. I have experience as a French tutor who has translated for different organizations and at Bethesda community church.

I have a heart for ministry. I am actively involved with several areas at Bethesda Community Church, including Xtreme Kids, women's ministry, Bethesda Cares, French, Spanish, Swahili, Kinyarwanda-Kirundi, Burmese, and Korean language services. I also serve as the administrative assistant to the head of Bethesda's language services.

I attended colleges in New York City and New Jersey but ultimately graduated from the University of North Texas. Married for 16 years, I have five children: four girls and one boy. My youngest two daughters attend Bethesda Christian School.

Most of my hobbies center around church activities. In addition, I like to work out, read books, watch movies, travel, and cook. I also enjoy attending games and concerts. "I look for God's calling and follow it."

African food is my favorite, especially homemade food. "I also like Brazilian restaurants, where you can eat all the meat you want."

I have played basketball, tennis, and volleyball and have run track. I like American football. I don't have a favorite sports team. "I like all games, with good company."

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